June 26th: Farm Tour at Elihu Farm

Where: 654 Beadle Hill Road, Easton

When: June 26th, Sunday 2-4 pm

Contact: 753-7838 Feel free to call for directions

Email: elihufarm@localnet.com

Come tour the farm where Bob and Mary Pratt raise sheep, about 100 adults and 150 lambs for food and fiber which they sell through the Saratoga Farmers Market. They also have 600 laying chickens and 100 geese on their 150-acre farm, which was conserved by the Agricultural Stewardship Alliance http://www.agstewardship.org/ in 1995. A portion of the farm has also been protected through the Federal Wetlands Reserve program http://www.ncgc.nrcs.usda.gov/programs/wetlands-reserve.html


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  1. by Mary at Elihu Farm

    On June 17, 2011

    We’re looking forward to visits from Slow Food members and our Farmers’ Market customers on June 26. Write elihufarm@localnet.com or call for directions.

  2. by SlowFoodSaratoga

    On June 17, 2011

    Thanks Mary! We’re looking forward to it as well!


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  2. {weekend reading} LOCAL EDITION « FROM SCRATCH CLUB

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