M&A Farm

We have been farming since 1956, thirty-five of those years spent in the Dairy business. In 1991 the decision was made to discontinue dairying and move on to raising Angus Beef. We have enjoyed our life as beef farmers and are now participating in selling our products at Saratoga Farmers’ Market’s.
We have what is called a cow-calf operation-our angus animals are born and raised on our farm and fed only farm raised feed. Each “mama cow” raises her calf(born in the spring) on mothers milk and grass pasture. They are weaned in the fall and fed farm-raised hay through winter. In the spring, the animals are put out to pasture untill they are ready to be turned into delicious, tender, nutritious M&A Farm Angus steaks, ground beef, roasts and more! We feel we are offering a special product, a natural beef-free of hormones and antibiotics.
Another meat we offer is our pork, raised with the same quality control and care using antibiotic and hormone free grain raised by a local farmer.
Our goal is to provide a product the public can be confident will be nutritious as well as satisfying to eat. We will be offering cuts of meat, frozen and packaged at a USDA inspected processing plant.
In addition to the beef and pork, we raise poultry products. Our meat birds are a Heavy White Cornish Hallcross we order from a hatchery in Connecticut. They come to us as baby chicks via US postal service and are raised cage free in an open barn, fed a special grain containing no animal bi-products or antibiotics. They have done well on this feeding program, with an average processed weight of 4 to 5 1/2 lbs.
We also have a flock of laying hens, Rhode Island Red/Cornish Cross, amd are offerring delicious, fresh brown Eggs. These hens are fed locally grown grain and are to free to roam in a cage free environment.

M&A Farm
Marilyn & Arnold Grant
Fort Edward
2312 county route 46, Fort Edward, NY 12828

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