Vertical Farming

Our population is constantly growing. Our land available for food production is constantly disappearing. Soon, most of us will live in urban centers. So, as in so many other areas of life, there is a search for potential future alternatives. Already we’ve seen farms on roofs and in trucks; now vertical farming has a turn in the spotlight.

In the urban centers that will undoubtedly continue to expand as our population increases, Dickson Despommier has envisioned the use of skyscrapers’ height and verticality in producing our food. Some advantages? Year-round crop production. Organically grown food. Additional energy sources from the methane generated by non-edible plant and animal parts. Sustainable environments for urban centers. No weather-related crop failures. To name a few.

Although this technique is gaining popularity mainly in urban areas, such as New York City, it’s important to keep in mind in regions all over the country committed to preserving the ethics and freshness of delicious food.

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